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Current Exhibitions/Workshops/Tours

Cooperstown Art Association National Juried Art Exhibition  (7/8-8/12/22)

  • "The Gravity of Being Up to Snuff- Violin Pollenaise (Polonaise) in B Major" Kinetic Assemblage-SOLD

  • Thomas Goodyear Award for Humorous Work  (July/August 2022

The Gravity of Being Up to Snuff- Violin Pollenaise (Polonaise) in B Major.jpg

Upcoming Exhibitions/Workshops/Tours

Cooperstown Art Association Luck of the Draw Exhibition  October 2022 

You can also visit the Black Cat Gallery (214 Front St. Owego NY or Butternut Gallery (35 Pine St. Montrose, PA where many of my assemblage items are for sale

Where To find me-Previous

My Very Own Reincarnation-so to speak

Just like what I create, I am one-of-a kind, at least that's what people tell me and I am pretty sure they mean that in a good way, wink, wink.  I come from a long line of “junkers” who re-purposed out of necessity. We loved going to the dump and taking what someone else had thrown away as we could magically see the value. What we didn't know how to do, we learned from others-remember life before You-Tube tutorials?  

As a child I was that person that created theatrical productions, and invented contests and businesses until my elementary school principal had to sit me down to tell me I couldn't use school property for profit making. Thankfully he still encouraged my creativity-as long as I wasn't trying to reserve the auditorium for a production that included dancing horses.

I graduated college with a degree in Social Work, but I really majored in Sorority Management- not a real curriculum, but it taught me  how to connect my brain hemispheres so that I could excel at project management, event planning,  and marketing while  being creative. After a short career in geriatric social work and getting my graduate degree I found a job in higher education. I was able to "stay in college" for thirty-five academic years until I took early retirement in 2017. 

Now I dive in dumpsters and collect castoffs to breathe some new life into what was going into the garbage.  My grandmother always said, “Make do with whachu got” and that is why I create“reincarnated art and décor” -each piece had a past life as something else and now has a new story to tell. I'm able to see ordinary things through a different lens. I love the odd and the spiritual ; the lovely and the funny.


I owe a lot to my grandmother who engaged my curiosity and sense of wonder by helping me see that a button can become an eye, and rock might look like a mushroom. I owe my grandfather my sense of humor and storytelling-especially when it comes to outhouses and anything a bit off, so to speak. He did tell me once to not get married and instead get me "one of them thar blow up dolls". I didn't always listen to Grandpa.

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Previous Exhibitions/Workshops/Tours

State of the Art Gallery (SOAG) Invitational Show Ithaca NY 3/3-4/2/22​​

Pink Arrow Arts Gala 8/21/2021

Tioga Arts Council(Owego, NY)

  • "What the Wind Taught Me: An Exhibit of Visual Art & Poetry in Conversation" (March 2022)

  • "Diagrams Sketched on the Wind: An Exhibit of Visual Art and Poetry" (March 2021)

  • "A Fellowship of Curious Minds- Art and Collections of Andy Hafer and Chris Knickerbocker" (January 2021) Click here for TV news article/video 

  • "Everyday Life, Every Day Art- Juried Regional Art Exhibit" (2018-2021) in collaboration with Cloud Croft Gallery

    •  2020 Sculpture Award Winner

    • 2021 Honorable Mention - "Feather Your Nest" 

  • Regional Art and Agricultural Trail Studio Tour (September 2019)

  • Historic Home and Buildings Tour (December 2019)

Cooperstown Art Association 

  • Annual National Juried Art Exhibition

    • Thomas Goodyear Award for Humorous Work  (July/August 2021)

  • Regional Juried Art Exhibition "ESSENTIAL ART" (2020 & 2022)

    •  Award of Merit and People's Choice Award (October 2020)

    • "Fighting All The Racket in My Head " Kinetic Assemblage- SOLD (2022)

  • The Holiday Show and Sale (Winter 2021)

Butternut Gallery (Montrose PA)​

  • "Structures" (7/9-8/10/21)

  • "Decidedly Floral" (2020)

  • "Cats and Other Puzzles" (2017)

  • "Advent Calendars" (November 2015)

"Around the Tiers- Honoring Belva Lockwood​ at the Belva Lockwood Inn." Click here for TV video  (you can start at 01:48 for interview with me about the Knickerbocker Room I designed)

Country Living Fair (Vendor)

  • Columbus OH (2016)​

  • Rhinebeck NY (2015)

Steampunk World's Fair Vendor (2016)​

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